/// 08 January 2008 ///
Day 2 Nite™ Dance Party™
Teresa® Christie® Nikki®.

You probably know that Nikki® has officially stopped using the new Nikki head sculpt from last year and is using the old 1990 Asha® head sculpt now instead. ( )

But, it looks like that wasn't always the plan. Look at this weird promo picture of Day 2 Nite™ Dance Party™ Nikki - the production doll has the Asha sculpt, but the doll in this picture looks like it has the new Teresa® sculpt from last year. (The one Teresa isn't using anymore since she's using Barbie®'s head[s] now. Yes, it's confusing.)

This is the best I can do at blowing up her face. I'm not that guy from CSI, okay?

I always think it's interesting to see the different permutations things go through before they're produced. Maybe this was an attempt to salvage one of the last year's new sculpts? (Molds are very expensive to make - which is part of the reason toy manufacturers re-use them a lot - and with three of the new head sculpts from last year getting "retired" already [Nikki, Teresa #2®, and Re-Enlarged Lara®], the molds that were made of them are useless now. )

Doll Diary 08 January 2008