/// 12 February 2009 ///

I recently talked about (okay, wrote a diatribe about) how much I liked Beach Party™ Barbie®'s pretty curls. (You can read it here.) I assumed the versions with the fancy curls were the newer ones since I'd only seen a few Chinese ones with their hair pulled back and that was months ago - there haven't been anything but ones with the curls since then.

So, imagine my surprise when I went shopping and saw this:

I couldn't pick one to take a picture of so I picked three.

These dolls were made in Indonesia, and there were a million of them. There were hardly any of the pretty-curls ones left. Maybe they came out of an old box or something, but, otherwise, this hairstyle must be the replacement version.

Not that I think they looks bad or anything - I like the hair this way too. It's just that I liked the curly ones so much I felt it was worth writing a 10-page report about them.

Doll Diary 12 February 2009