/// 08 March 2009 ///

Tomorrow is Barbie's birthday (of course), and I found out there are going to be two Barbie presentations on Home Shopping Network celebrating the 50th Anniversary - one around 9:00am (Eastern Standard Time) and the other around 4:00pm. (You can view the schedule here.)

The schedule lists Sharon Zuckerman (one of the Barbie Collector™ designers) as the guest.

The presentations apparently aren't going to last the full hours - they're each split with a presentation of another product.

If you don't have HSN where you live, you can watch it live by going to the HSN website and clicking on "watch HSN TV live" on the right side of the page.

This kind of reminds me of the olden days when Tina Berry hosted doll shows on HSN. I always used to watch them hoping there would be Barbie dolls... (And, yes - when they stopped carrying Barbie dolls, I stopped watching the shows. )

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Doll Diary 08 March 2009