/// 16 March 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

A Little Bit of Gossipy Stuff

Here are few random gossipy things that may or may not be true (that's just the way gossip is):

  • Barbie®'s long-running on-again/off-again dog, Ginger, may be returning in the future.
  • The Skipper® relaunch may involve a lot more than just the doll we saw pictures of from Toy Fair.
  • Next year's grocery and drug store Valentine Barbie doll may be named Valentine Romance (for the third time) or Valentine Beauty. (Or, maybe one of them will be a Target exclusive? Target hasn't had a Valentine Barbie doll in a long time.)
  • There may also be Halloween dolls named Pink Halloween or Halloween Treat (or both).
  • And, lastly... a cable television Barbie channel geared toward children may be in the works. (Yeah, I'm sure the FCC will be crazy about that idea. )

In non-Barbie stuff, Li'l Miss Makeup and Big Jim may be making comebacks as well. A He-Man movie is also in development (it has been for a while), so there are bound to be lots of new He-Man toys if it ever actually gets made.

Doll Diary 16 March 2009