Barbie® with (many) pets
Happy Birthday Barbie®

I saw some new Barbie® exclusive at Target the other day.

There are two Barbie dolls - one with an irresponsibly large number of pets you can "decorate" () and a "trendy" Fashion Fever™-style Birthday doll that comes with a bracelet and lip gloss (sort of like the Smackers® dolls last year) - plus a set of four (orangutan-style) Kelly® dolls. (The box doesn't have their names written on it, but it does say "pink is for girls" on the front.) (Little-known fact: Pink was originally for boys.)

Since these dolls are part of the Pink World® segment, if there is a Pink Halloween doll (like I mentioned here), I bet it'll be Target's Halloween doll. (Edit: This turned out to be the case.)

Kelly® and various friends
Doll Diary 26 March 2009