/// 30 April 2009 ///
Barbie® and the Three Musketeers - Barbie® as Corinne® and Teresa ® as Viveca® (Click to see it bigger)

Here are some catalog pictures and additional information about the toy line that ties into the upcoming movie Barbie® and the Three Musketeers. (You can read more about the movie here.

Barbie® and the Three Musketeers - Prince Louis, Summer® as Aramina®, and Nikki® as Renee® (Click to see it bigger)
The girls in "Musketeer" mode (Click to see it bigger)

As you can see, the girls' "princess" skirts double as capes in their Musketeer forms. Their tiaras also double as masks.

You might also notice the Barbie dolls in these pictures have the mysterious new pointy-chin head sculpt - up until now, all the pictures I've seen have shown her with the 1998 "Generation Girl™" head. (Edit (2009-02-02): The dolls were produced with the 1998 head after all - see this entry.)

Interactive Miette® plush toy

(You can read more about the movie and characters here.)

Doll Diary 30 April 2009