/// 29 May 2009 ///
These Barbie® dolls all have the new head sculpt.

I previously pointed out (here, here, and here) that a lot of the Barbie® dolls on display at Toy Fair 2009 that hadn't already shipped to stores had the old 1998 "Generation Girl™" Barbie head sculpt.

Well, here's more evidence that the production versions of those dolls may have the new head after all.

Versions of the first two dolls in these photos were displayed at Toy Fair, but both of them had the existing 1998 head. (You can see their pictures here and here. Thanks again to BarbieZania for taking the pictures, by the way! ) However, as you can see, the versions in these catalog photos both have the new open-mouth "pointy-chin" head sculpt.

I don't know if the third doll was displayed at Toy Fair (BarbieZania doesn't have a picture of it), but it appears to have the new head as well.

So - it seems pretty definite that Barbie's head is changing again this year, and it's looking more and more like this will be it. (You can see better pictures of it here in case you missed it.)

Update (07 June 2009) - Apparently people have been finding these (and other) dolls at stores with the old 1998 head after all. It's starting to look like the head shown in these pictures may not be used in the near future (if ever).

Doll Diary 29 May 2009