/// 05 November 2009 /// (Updated: 08 November 2009)
The black Valentine Wishes™ Barbie® doll and her head

It looks like it's true: Pictures of new dolls for 2010 are starting to pop up, and so far every black doll is shown with the enlarged version of the 2001 Adria (a.k.a. Desiree™ or "Black Barbie 2002") head rather than the enlarged 1990 Asha® head.

H2O Design Studio™ Barbie®
has it
This doll with a couch has it
The black Potty Training Pups™ Barbie® doll has it (along with yet another new arm)

(Yup, she's at it again with the incontinent pets. This is just one of the toilet-related activities Barbie's engaging in this year.) (Also, it looks like somebody forgot to tint the body to match the head in this photo... )

One other thing - Amazon.com's listing for the black Sparkle Lights Princess™ and Party Princess™ dolls call them Nikki®, not Grace®. (Edit: 2009-11-08) However, Amazon's listing for the black Mermaid Tale™ beach doll calls her Grace.

Doll Diary 05 November 2009