Last week, I saw most of the new I Can Be™ dolls - Race Car Driver, Rock Star, Bride, Kid Doctor, and Pet Vet.

The Rock Star is cute, and I'm glad she has a guitar! (Plus, it's actually a guitar [with six strings]. )

I also like this style of packaging, with portraits (in the new artwork style) tied to the logo in the corner of the box.

It's so cool that a race car driver is included this time! It's great to see something "different" as a break from all the teachers, doctors, and...teachers and doctors that this line usually focuses on. (Plus, you know I like pigtails - although it's kind of hard to wear a helmet with them. ). I also like that her outfit isn't all pink!


...I don't like using "trendy" text-messagey abbreviations (like "IRL" instead of "in real life") on toys for small children.

Oh yeah - Barbie's teaming up with Danica Patrick again for this one.

Another pediatrician.

This is the only one I didn't see. I'm assuming it's the basic ballerina for 2010 (once again with colored legs and molded-on clothes ). I hope there will be a redhead and brunette along with blond and black dolls this year! Anyway, last year the ballerinas were part of the fantasy line (along with the fairies, mermaids, and princesses); I like that they're being included in the I Can Be line this time instead.

(BTW, did you notice the weird joints at her ankles? I wonder if she actually has those?)

Okay - there's more, but I'll save them for another post, since they involve body parts and variations and things like that.

Doll Diary 29 October 2009