/// 18 October 2010 /// (Updated: 25 October 2010)

If you're into sewing (or you just like collecting things that say "Barbie" on them), some new licensed Barbie fabrics by V.I.P. by Cranston are starting to show up at fabric stores!

I saw two different prints, although there are probably more.

One has polka dots with Barbie logos, shoes, and "rhinestones". Some of the shoes look like real Barbie shoes... Maybe all of them are? (PS: There's nothing wrong with being able to recognize Barbie's shoes on sight. )

The other one is really unusual - it's a tiled pattern using one of the current photographic close-up Barbie portrait images!

Barbie fabric isn't a new (licensed Barbie fabric has been around almost as long as Barbie), but I don't remember ever seeing a fabric with actual photographs of a doll printed on it. Have you?

These fabrics would be great for making holiday gifts, such as quilts, handkercheifs, footstools, or non-waterproof umbrellas.

(25 October 2010)

There's also a fleece fabric with the tiled portrait print. You could make a nice housecoat to go with your footstool.

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