Target's Exclusive I Can Be Brice Giftset featuring Ken, Kelly, and Skipper

As you can see, I haven't had much time to work on the site lately. However, I saw this on Target's website and couldn't resist...

It's kind of complicated. The Barbie doll is like the regular-line I Can Be Bride doll, but she's wearing a slightly different dress. The Ken doll - who seems to be a lot like last year's Beach Party Ken - is wearing a black variation of the pink tuxedo fashion that's currently available separately.

Of course, Kelly doll is the flower girl - but the most exciting thing is, a new Skipper doll is included, too!!

Ken and Skipper

The front of the box doesn't mention the characters's names and I don't know what it says on the back, so I don't know for sure if it actually says this is Skipper - although it's obviously supposed to be her.

The coolest thing is, the doll is completely different from last year's Camping Family Skipper doll, with different hair and a different face design!

(In fact, it's hard to tell if it's just the picture, but her face also seems a bit strange....)

I really thought Camping Family Skipper was going to be the last Skipper doll for a long time, so this is a great surprise!

One other interesting thing - this year is the first time in a long time that a groom doll hasn't been available in the mainline, so this giftset may be the only way to get one. And his blond hair makes him unique - for the last few years, Barbie has definitely exhibited a preference for marrying guys with brown hair....

Some of Barbie's previous grooms - Handsome Groom Ken (2004), Rapunzel's Wedding Stefan (2005), The Groom (2006), Wedding Day Groom (2007), and Wedding Day Sparkle Groom (2008)
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Doll Diary 08 June 2010