Argh!! Before I even had a chance to write about it, the poll to select Barbie's 125h career ended. Check out this story for more info.

Today, the results were revealed - Barbie's 125th career is News Anchor.

However, in a surprise move, Mattel is also releasing Barbie's 126th career - Computer Engineer. Allegedly the response to Computer Engineer was so strong (supposedly propelled by real-life female engineers) that Mattel has decided to create both dolls.

Barbie®'s 125th career - News Anchor, and 126th Career - Computer Engineer

Check out this link for more pictures! How cool is the packaging for the News Anchor, with its built-in anchor desk??

I'm glad the Computer Engineer is being produced - I thought it would be a very popular choice...

By the way, I'm really happy to see an influx of new careers for Barbie that have never been produced before in the I Can Be...™ line. There have been too many "Baby Doctor" and "Pet Vet" and "Teacher" dolls - all of which are fine careers, but it's great to show kids there are other choices.

However, I found out that another career coming out later this year is Pizza Chef Barbie. I'm a little bit miffed because I've been working on I Can Be... Pizza Chef Barbie and Ken dolls since last February. That's not exactly a commonplace career so it's kind of an irritating coincidence. But I'm still going to finish mine (if I can ever get the correct color of hair for Barbie's head.... ). This is only the 300th time this has happened, although every other time I at least got to finish my doll before finding out "they" were making the same thing.

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Doll Diary 13 February 2010