/// 22 September 2009 ///
Fashionistas™ Sassy, Artsy, and Girly (I think) hanging out in the Glam Vacation House

Amazon.com has pictures of some of the new Barbie® playsets - the Glam Pool, Glam Convertible, and Glam Vacation House

I was hoping the picture of the Glam Vacation House would show some more of the new beach dolls, but instead it shows three of the Fashionistas™.

This picture made me wonder something, though. What if Barbie's friends are getting "makeovers" this year, too? In this picture, Fashionistas Sassy looks like she could be Teresa®. Maybe that's what Teresa's going to look like now? Sassy has brunette hair like Teresa but uses Summer®'s head. If Teresa was going to start using Summer's head, it could have something to do with there being no Summer doll included in the Mermaid Tale™ beach assortment (if that turns out to be true).

A little birdie also told me there's a chance Nikki may be changing to the enlarged 2001 Adria (a.k.a. "Desiree®") head sculpt this year, in which case she'll end up looking like Fashionistas Artsy.

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