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Barbie® in a Mermaid Tale® beach Teresa®
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I saw this doll last night. It's weird how Teresa always seems to be the first of the new beach dolls to show up every year... (They didn't have any of the other ones.)

Every single one of these dolls was crushed beyond repair - hence no picture of the box, although the front of this one was ripped off so I was able to get a good picture of her face.

As you can see, she does look pretty much exactly like Fashionistas Sassy, with the 2003 Summer® head and green eyes. She's really pretty (and that's a great swimsuit), although it's still weird seeing Teresa looking like this...

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This blurb on the front of the box guarantees a box variation in the future. (Once the movie comes out it'll be changed to say something more current-y, like "available now".)

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Here's the picture on the back of the box, showing all the characters. (They're not labeled, so there's no clue if the black doll is called Grace® after all.)

I just realized there's also no picture of the second blond doll. Maybe she'll be released later in the year, like with the second Barbie and Summer dolls in the Beach Fun™ line? (Maybe around the time the movie comes out?)

Doll Diary 30 October 2009