Walmart's exclusive Candy Glam™ reissues for Black Friday: Barbie®, Summer®, Nikki®, and Raquelle®

Along with the princesses I talked about last time, Walmart had an exclusive set of "reissue" Candy Glam™ dolls.

Like I said before, the store I went to didn't have any of these - the pictures above were kindly loaned to me by eBay seller pttoysnmore.

Here are the original dolls for comparison:

The original Candy Glam™ dolls: Barbie®, Summer®, Raquelle®, and Teresa®

The most noticeable difference is that there's [apparently] no Teresa® in the Walmart set; instead, there's a Nikki® doll wearing Barbie®'s outfit. (Nikki wasn't included in the original Candy Glam set.) (There was a Nikki styling head, though.)

Next, you can see that the outfits were simplified. All of them had details removed to make them less expensive to manufacture, but the most significantly altered one is definitely Summer®. Her outfit is completely different; instead of a red "leather" jacket over a teal shirt with black "sequins" on the front she has a red t-shirt (with the same sequins on the front), and instead of cherry-print mini-shorts with a big cherry pendant she has a black pleated denim skirt with a belt.

The original Candy Glam dolls came with lots of accessories, but the the Walmart dolls only come with one each: Their doll-sized pieces of food. All of their jewelry was omitted as well.

Summer and Raquelle® both have the same face paint as before. The original Barbie doll had the closed-mouth 2005 Barbie® head; because of the 2009 makeover, the Walmart version has the enlarged 1998 "Generation Girl™" Barbie® head instead. Nikki has the enlarged 1990 Asha® head.

Oh yeah - the colored hair streaks were left off of these dolls, and they don't appear to be scented either.

The original Candy Glam™ packaging was more complex

Also, the Walmart dolls come in normal windows boxes; the originals had elaborate molded bubble packaging.

By the way - last year, Walmart had tons of their Black Friday exclusives (simplified "reissue" Barbie and the Diamond Castle™ Muse dolls and High School Musical 3 dolls) left over after Thanksgiving (still priced at US$5), and they lasted almost until Christmas. I've never seen that happen before, and it definitely wasn't the case this year - the Candy Glam and Princess dolls were completely gone (at least where I live). The same thing happened with Target's seasonal Barbie dolls. It might be because stores in general ordered less seasonal merchandise this year than they normally do.

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Doll Diary 22 December 2009