Yes, it's true - I haven't posted anything in a while. I got the flu (or something) on Thanksgiving and it pretty much knocked me out for a few weeks. So now I'm trying to catch up.

There was no way I was going shopping on "Black Friday" (did it once and that was enough ), so I decided to go shopping on Thanksgiving night instead. (And then went home and became deathly ill and couldn't get out of bed for two weeks. Maybe there's a connection? )

I was surprised to see the nearby Walmart had already put out some of the Princesses Barbie® dolls I talked about here. Unfortunately, they only had two (out of four) of them, and they didn't have any of the Candy Glam dolls. (More about those later.)

Luckily, eBay seller sugahlump was kind enough to let me borrow her pictures of all four Walmart Princess dolls to post here!

Walmart's exclusive Black Friday Princesses (pictures courtesy sugahlump)

There's a light-skinned blue-eyed blond in a pink dress, a darker-skinned blue-eyed blond in a blue and green dress, a light-skinned brown-eyed brunette in the same pink dress as the blond, and a black doll in a purple dress.

Like I said before, these are "re-issues" of the "Glitter Princess" dolls from 2007 (box date 2006). Here are the originals:

The original Glitter Princess dolls from 2007

As you can see, the 2009 dolls don't match up exactly with the original versions. The blond in pink and black dolls are similar, but the second Walmart blond doll wears the original brunette's green dress, while the Walmart brunette has the same pink dress as the other blond doll.

Also, since they were released in 2007, the original dolls used the 2006 "hobbit" Barbie® body, and the white dolls had the open-mouth 2005 Barbie head; Walmart's 2009 versions have the taller 1999 Secret Messages™ Barbie® body and the white dolls have the 1998 "Generation Girl™" Barbie® head. (The original black Glitter Princess did use the enlarged 1990 Asha® head instead of the 2006 Nikki™ head, though, just like the Walmart version.)

The Walmart dolls also don't come with the tiara necklaces.

(I had a hard time taking pictures of these dolls...)

The Walmart Princesses also have recycled faces: The white dolls use the same face design as Fairy-Tastic Princess™ Barbie....

...while the new black doll has the same face design as the original black doll. (I think it's borrowed from the black version of Annika™ from Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus™.)

Walmart also had a set of reissue Candy Glam™ dolls, which you can read about here.

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Doll Diary 22 December 2009