You can tell it's Mattel - It's MGA!

Adding yet another card to the where was I when this happened Rolodex, apparently Mattel will begin producing Bratz® dolls in Spring 2010.

I guess it was naive to assume they'd just let the Bratz brand die now that they've successfully wrenched it from MGA's hands.

This could be a tricky situation. It will be interesting to see how (or if?) Mattel will attempt to change the brand to bring it in line with their more "wholesome" public image.

Of course, with a name like "Bratz" - and a nine-year-buildup of hard feelings from Bratz-hating parents bolstered by the pot-stirring media - that may be kind of difficult.

So - what would the Bratz be like if Mattel made them? I'd imagine them having

  • Softer face paint;
  • A more kid-friendly look, with "cuter" clothes and softer colors;
  • More "creative", activity-based play concepts;
  • A more aggressively "uplifting", "be yourself" message;
  • Maybe even a new, more positive-sounding name.

Except MGA already did that.

MGA's new doll line, the Moxie Girls

So, to summarize - MGA gets to start over fresh with the Moxie Girlz®, a doll line designed from the get-go to appeal to both kids and parents, while Mattel gets the already-on-the-decline Bratz dolls with their decade of salacious connotations and never-ending bad press.

Who was it again that won that court case?

(12 February 2010)

Back those horses up - there are some new plot twists in this crazy story.

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