/// 14 February 2010 /// (Updated: 24 March 2010)
Jonny Depp as the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

I almost forgot - Entertainment Earth put up a picture of the Mad Hatter doll from the upcoming Disney movie Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter is played by Johnny Depp in the movie, and this doll's face looks exactly like him.

I wonder if the Alice doll in this set will actually look like Mia Wasikowska?

(25 March 2010)

A few people have been wondering what's up with the Alice doll that was supposed to accompany this Mad Hatter.

Back when I originally wrote this, several websites (including this one) were specifically listing a Mattel-made Alice doll with the model number T2103. (The Mad Hatter is T2104.) I don't know if T2103 really was supposed to be an Alice doll or if this was a mistake or something, but almost all the listings for that model number have disappeared since then.

If it wasn't a mistake and T2103 really was and Alice doll, it seems like a safe bet it was cancelled for some reason. (Maybe it didn't make it through licensor approval? Tonner Doll Company does have an Alice doll, along with dolls of the so-called "Red Queen" and "White Queen". (Legitimate Alice fan politely biting his tongue. ))

Doll Diary 14 February 2010