/// 13 February 2010 ///

Toy Fair 2010 officially starts tomorrow, and already there's stuff...

While I was posting about the Toy Story 3 Barbie® and Ken® giftset, Cool Toy Review put up press release images of the Mattel dolls from the upcoming Disney movie Tangled (which was originally called Rapunzel - the new title was only announced yesterday and the Mattel press release still uses the original name), as well as the Disney Princess line

Unfortunately, as of this writing the Tangled pictures aren't working, so you can only see the cropped thumbnails. One of the items is a hair-braiding gizmo that represents Rapunzel's "animal friends" braiding her hair. It seems like Disney Princesses are really big on having their hair braided by animals - Braided Beauty Pocahontas from 1995 came with a Twirly Curler-style doohickey that was designed to make it look like her racoon friend Meeko was braiding her hair for her.

Incidentally, this is the first time there's been an overlap between Disney and Barbie princesses; Rapunzel was the second in the line of Barbie "entertainment" princesses. That's part of a whole other can of worms I was hoping to write about in the future - although, I will say I wouldn't be too surprised if we don't hear much from Rapunzel Barbie in the future....

Most of the Disney Princess stuff has already been released, but there's one very interesting thing: A new transforming Beauty and the Beast Prince doll that sports a very nice new head sculpt.

Beauty and the Beast's Prince gets a new head

The head doesn't look that much like the character from the movie, but it does look very Disney-like. (The head the older Beauty and the Beast Prince dolls used didn't.)

By the way, last year Snow White's Prince was finally given his own new head by Mattel. Here's a picture of a new Snow White & Prince giftset where he's using it again.

Snow White's Prince finally gets a head

I wonder if the other Disney princes will be getting new heads as well?

Doll Diary 13 February 2010