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It came from the Dollar Store...

It Came from the Dollar Store: Pretty Mermaid

Pretty Mermaid

I saw these dolls at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. There were a bunch of different colors - magenta, purple, red, green, and blue.

More Pretty Mermaids

If they look a teensy bit familiar, it's probably because their bodies are made from molds copied off of one of the Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia Merbabies from 2005:

The head is different. It looks familiar but, I'm not sure where I've seen it before.

However, I do know where I've seen the face paint design - it's copied off of Play Along's Lisa Frank Fab Friends dolls from 2001...

Lisa Frank Fab Friends Lisa doll by Play Along

I can't remember where I put my doll so I can't show you a better picture of her face, but I can show you this....

Beauty Angel doll

This is "Beauty Angel", a fairy doll (yup - she's actually a fairy, not an angel ) I found at a local dollar store a few years ago. Her face paint design is also ripped off of the Lisa Frank doll. However, like with the Pretty Mermaids, the head itself isn't; amazingly enough, it's actually a bootleg Bratz head mold! It's almost unrecognizable - it usually looks like this:

(And, for the record - no, this isn't a real Bratz doll, it's another knockoff. )

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