/// 02 January 2010 ///

I saw some of the new Liv® dolls last week! Unfortunately they only had two of them - Daniela™ and Alexis™.

Daniela™ and her dog DJ™ (Click to see it bigger!)

I straight up falling-down-on-the-floor love this Daniela™ doll. No one who knows me would be surprised because these are the exact kind of clothes I like - she even has mesh tights with boots and pigtails! In fac,t it reminds me of this OOAK Tyler Wentworth® doll I made way back in the olden days (2004 to be exact)...

Memories... (I'm especially remembering this demonic black mesh fabric that stained everything. It took months to figure out where all the black "smudges" kept coming from. I had blocked it out until just now... Now I'm getting traumatized all over again. )

The previous assortment of Liv dolls came with extra wigs; this time, instead of extra wigs, the dolls come with pets (all of which are dogs).

Here's the new Alexis™ and her dog Lacey™.

Alexis™ and her dog Lacey™ (Click to see it bigger!)

Something interesting about this one - the box claims a trademark for the name "Lacey", but Mattel already owns active trademarks on that name for use with both dolls and toy animals. I wonder what happened?

I think this set of dolls is even better than the first one - the clothes are great, and there are some improvements (including a new brush that actually looks exactly like a real to-scale hairbrush ).

My favorite thing about the Liv dolls is that the outfits and styling are cute and "modern"-looking without resorting to looking "trashy". (The same can't be said of certain other manufacturers lately. )

I can't wait to see the new Katie® and Sophie® dolls!

Doll Diary 02 January 2010