/// 09 November 2009 ///

Finally, I added this new version of the layout I've been working on forever. (It was tricky. Baby-steps.) Now there's room for more stuff. Hopefully there will be more stuff to put there soon.

I'm sure there are errors I haven't found yet, so if you encounter something that seems to be wrong and are willing to send me an email describing what happened and where it happened so I can try to fix it, I'll cast you as the lead in an upcoming production of the classic musical Bloomer Girl.

PS: If everything's looking a bit strange right now, try reloading your browser and that should fix it!

Here's a little stroll down the Obligatory Memory Lane of Layouts Past:

First it looked like this (1999):

Then it looked like this (2000-2003):

Then it looked like this (2004-2008):

Then it looked like this (2009-Now):

And now it looks like this (Now - Now):

Okay - I like black, hot pink, cyan, purple, lime green and polka dots. Sue me.

And while I'm waxing nostalgic, you know those little emoticon thingies? This is officially the oldest one that's still used:

It's been there since February 18, 2004 without ever being changed.

And here's the oldest one ever, which hasn't been changed since January 17, 2000:

(But I don't use it anymore - it got replaced by this: )

Well, I bet that was fascinating.

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Doll Diary 09 November 2009