Rober Tonner and Lady Gaga - a match made in Strange-Match-Land

Is Robert Tonner making a Lady Gaga doll??

Apparently he's at least thinking about it - they've had this survey up for a few weeks. (You should check it out, by the way - it's very in-depth. )

It's pretty unlikely they would put up a survey like this if they hadn't already been talking with Ms. Germanotta about doll-itizing her.

I know a lot of people have been begging for someone to make a doll of her, but... doesn't Tonner seem like kind of a strange choice? (Kind of like serving Red Bull in your grandmother's antique teacups?) I can think of some other doll companies that would be a much better fit... (I won't name names - I'll just make a link. )

BTW, Tonner recently put up information about their 2010 line. There are only three Tyler Wentworth dolls (), but I'm very glad to see that Mei Li is one of them. I really like the old Tyler characters (and their head sculpts) best, and Mei Li has been missing-in-action for a very long time. (I wonder if the popularity of the Ultra Basic Mei Li doll has anything to do with this new one?)

Cami & Jon Basic Blond

Also, they put up pictures and info about their new Cami & Jon line. The dolls are really pretty - the head sort of reminds me of Tonner's Cinderella sculpt (which is one of my favorites ), and I love their wavy hair.

However, the big thing about them (apparently) is that they're made to order - which really just means they're being produced in numbers based on actual orders received from dealers rather than a number chosen by the company (which is usually 1,000 to 2,000 pieces).

I'm not sure what the big whoop is about that - unless they're trying to make it sound like someone is hand-making your doll especially for you when you order it? This approach might hypothetically reduce the chances of over-producing the dolls - but, on the other hand, the dealers might over-estimate demand and over-order, creating an even bigger surplus than usual. ("Collector" dolls can be tricky - Tyler dolls I bought years ago still routinely sell on the secondary market for significantly less than their original wholesale cost, which is never a fun thing to see. ) It'll be interesting to see what ends up happening with this line!

(PS: It took me a while to figure out that Jon is the other female character, Jonquil, not some guy.... )

Doll Diary 31 January 2010