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So In Style® Grace® and Courtney® - plus another Courtney® doll?

Thanks to Bubbles for pointing out that the So In Style® section of Barbie®.com has been updated with new information - including the character profiles. You can also watch videos of SIS's head designer, Stacey McBride-Irby (and her daughter ) discussing the line and Stacey's inspiration.

(Grace® has also been added to the animation on the landing page of Barbie.com.)

Here's another interesting thing I don't think was there before: Under the "In Stores Now!" header on the So In Style page, there's a picture of Grace and Courtney® in the packaging, plus a solo Kelly-size doll! (Probably Courtney?) I haven't seen that before. I was hoping separate dolls would be available too, but I wasn't expecting them to come out at the beginning.

Stacey McBride-Irby's daughter points out some more mystery dolls...

And that leads me to a "what exactly was I doing when I saw this the first time?" moment - at the end of the "Meet the Doll Designer" video, Stacey McBride-Irby's daughter points out more dolls that I totally missed when I first saw this video a couple of weeks ago. (For some reason I thought she was talking about the dolls we've already seen.)

She mentions that you can curl their hair, and it looks like they have salon chairs and other stuff, so maybe it's a hair play feature assortment? (Also - it could just be the angle, but does it look like they might be shorter than regular Barbie dolls? Maybe they're "teens"?)

Now, if only there could be some solo adult SIS dolls in the US$5-$10 range....

Update (03 August 2009) - There's a picture of these dolls up on DollsOfColor.org. They are a hair play assortment (with a hair-curling feature), and they're called Stylin' Hair®.

They're really pretty. (Especially Kara®... )

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