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SuperStar Barbie, 2010 style

I've missed some stuff since I've been out of commission for a few weeks (read more here).

Thanks to Rodney for letting me know some big news: An updated version of the 1977 SuperStar Barbie doll has been released, and to celebrate Barbie's 51st birthday, some stores are offering it for US$3 from March 6th through the 13th.

The doll wears a reinterpretation of the original hot pink SuperStar Barbie halter dress, including with a boa (which looks like it's made from the same material as the My Favorite Barbie Doll SuperStar Barbie reproduction).

Of course, she wouldn't be complete without that quintessential "rhinestone" jewelry - earrings, a hand ring (which is very unusual on a doll with the 1999 Secret Messages™ Barbie® body), and my favorite part - an "updated" version of the classic SuperStar Barbie "rhinestone" drop necklace.

Unlike last year's Bathing Suit Barbie doll which used the original "Collector-size" closed-mouth 1991 "Mackie" Barbie® head, the new SuperStar Barbie is clearly a playline doll and uses the "playline-size" enlarged 1998 "Generation Girl™" Barbie® head. She has the 1999 Secret Messages™ Barbie® body with a bent left arm. (I really wish she could have had two bent arms like the original 1977 doll - it would have been really cool, plus I think the SM body with two bent arms has only ever been used on one doll...) Unfortunately, she has non-bending legs - which isn't surprising for a $3 doll .

SuperStar Barbie - "now" and "then"

$3 is a great price for body-part-harvesting (I covet bent Secret Messages arms ), but I don't like the enalrged 1998 head so I'm not that excited about it. But it's a cute doll, the dress is nice, and the packaging is great!

I wonder if they'll be hard to find? Of course, if it's like last year's Bathing Suit doll, SuperStar Barbie will be available for the rest of the year at a higher price.

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