Bathing Suit Barbie® Giftset

Wow... I went shopping last night a saw a lot of new things. I'll try to put up pictures of the rest soon, but here's something to start with - a special Target-exclusive giftset version of the 50th anniversary Then & Now™ Bathing Suit Barbie® doll. (You can see the regular versions here.)

The dress

This is the Indonesian version of Bathing Suit Barbie (with brown lower eyelashes I think) packaged in a larger box that uses the same artwork as the original. She comes with a real (molded) purse (which replaces the regular version's chip-art bag) and some other accessories, including "sunscreen", a bottle of water, and an "mp3 player".

She also comes with a dress made from the same stripey material as the bathing suit. The illustration on the back of the box was changed to show her wearing this dress.

It's really like non-stop exclusive dolls at Target lately. (It's only been two weeks since I saw these ones!) They also had the new Target exclusive Halloween doll, Pink Halloween™ Barbie®, which you can read about here.

Doll Diary 31 July 2009