/// 25 November 2009 /// (Updated: 16 January 2010)
Target's Exclusive Happy Holidays™ Barbie® Doll

Every year for the last several years, Target stores have carried three different Christmas-themed Barbie® exclusives toward the end of the year

  • Christmas Morning™ Barbie® - a doll dressed in pajamas that comes with a doll-size stuffed animal;
  • Holiday Stocking Barbie - a doll in a party dress packaged in some sort of bag (initially ones shaped like stockings) that comes with lots of little stocking stuffers; and
  • a Christmas ballerina - a revised version of the annual basic ballerina doll made over in Christmas colors.

However, this year, it looks like there's Target's only going to have one Christmas doll - a combination of the Christmas Morning and Holiday Stocking dolls called Happy Holidays™ Barbie (not to be confused with the dolls in the long-running Happy Holidays® series).

Target's Exclusive Happy Holidays™ Barbie® Doll

She's packaged in a "bag"-style box, is dressed in a party outfit (a really cute "Santa dress" ), and comes with a bunch of "extra stuff". Those three aspects are exactly like a Holiday Stocking doll; however, the "extra stuff" she comes with includes pajamas (a nightgown with slippers) and a stuffed animal, which are the definitive traits of a Christmas Morning doll.

Maybe the lack of Christmas dolls has something to do with there already being so many Target exclusives this year? The "Fashion Fever™ reissues", Splash 'n Spray Friends, and Pink World™ dolls were still on the shelves when I saw this doll.

(16 January 2009)

Dana from Philly Collector found a pink version of this doll!

Special thanks to Dana for letting me use this picture

I never even saw this version! When I saw the red one I was actually surprised the dress wasn't pink (since everything in Barbie land has been pink lately ), so it's not that surprising to find out about this version. However, I have to admit that even though I'm getting tired of pink, I actually like the pink version better.... (So it's probably good that I never saw it in person. )

It seems like all of Target's Christmas dolls (including the Target exclusive Fahsion Fever® "reissues") ran out way before Christmas.

Doll Diary 25 November 2009