Target's exclusive Pink Halloween™ Barbie® doll

So, it turns out I was right - Target's exclusive Halloween doll for 2009 is called Pink Halloween™ Barbie®.

Her face

She's dressed like a witch (yes, again) and is very pink. (I really like her a lot - it's hard to resist... Then I remember the glue and it becomes easier. )

Trick or Chic™ Barbie® (2008)

You can see that she's quite similar to last year's grocery and drug store exclusive Halloween doll, Trick or Chic™ Barbie. Their dresses are very much alike, with the same mermaid skirt and belt - and Pink Halloween even re-uses the black fabric with silver foil spiderweb print. She has a similar hairstyle, too, but with pink streaks instead of orange.

Pink Halloween Barbie continues the pink-and-black theme started by last year's Target-exclusive Halloween doll, Fashion Spell™ Barbie (and she seems to have borrowed that doll's sleeves as well ).

Not surprisingly, Pink Halloween Barbie uses the 1998 "Generation Girl™" Barbie head, with the same face paint design that's being used on almost every doll that's come out lately.

The packaging is really nice - it goes perfectly with the doll. The whole thins is very cohesive-looking and pretty. (It reminds me of the new SpongeBob SquarePants® doll in that way.)

Doll Diary 31 July 2009