/// 12 February 2009 ///
Twinkle Toes™ Barbie®
The current (at least until now) Barbie® logo

Some of the articles about Barbie®'s 50th anniversary indicated a change was being made to the Barbie® logo.

Allegedly, the logo that would be used in the future was one that looked like Barbie's "signature".

I pretended I thought they were talking about the current logo (shown at the top right), mainly because it's my all-time favorite Barbie logo. It kind of looks like a signature...

Okay, no it doesn't. But I was willing to overlook that minor point.

Normally I'd be talking about how pretty this Twinkle Toes™ Barbie® doll is, then start complaining about how she has molded-on clothes () and how the "try me" feature on the packaging hurts (the plastic digs into your hands ), and finally wrap up with how neat the "dancing" feature is (to make up for being negative about the other parts).

However, instead, my attention is drawn to the upper-right-hand corner of the box.

Yup - that's the original Barbie logo from the 60's.

I have no clue how I missed this - it's on the boxes of most of the dolls I've been staring at in stores for the last month, including Cut and Style™ Rapunzel and Happy Birthday Barbie.

I'm sure a lot of adult collectors will really like this change (just like with the heads if they end up switching back to the old ones). No doubt I'm in the minority (as usual), but I don't like this logo (I don't think logos for children's products should be in cursive), so I'm disappointed.

(At least it's not the logo from the 90's. )

I'm going to miss the "scribbled with a marker" logo - especially the distinctive swirly "B"...

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Doll Diary 12 February 2009