It's the top Dollar Store doll, Macarena. Aye!

This is a website about doll stuff.

My name is Charles. I collect dolls. Barbie® is my favorite, but I like other dolls too - especially Cabbage Patch Kids®, dollar store dolls, and so on and so-forth.

I used to be a staff writer for Barbie Bazaar Magazine. I wrote a monthly column called "Pink Box Chatter with Charles", which was all about playline Barbie dolls. This website is sort of the same type of thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best thing ever?
Kneeded Erasers.
Who played Chip on
Kate & Allie?
Frederick Koehler.
Where have all the cowboys gone?
New Hampshire.
I would like to see additional content on this site, such as a complete episode guide for The Brady Brides.
There's always new stuff in the works, but the Brady Brides episode guide is on the backburner for now. And please remember to phrase your question in the form of a question next time, otherwise I will phrase my answer in the form of not answering.
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