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/// 09 October 2009 ///
"The View" gets their hands on the So In Style™ dolls, and that causes me to write even more about them.
/// 24 September 2009 ///
Entertainment Earth put up pictures of the rest of the dolls in the Barbie® in a Mermaid Tale™ beach assortment, including - yes - two Barbie® dolls and no Summer®. Also, I was right - Teresa® and Nikki® (or is it really Grace®?) have changed to new heads.
/// 13 August 2009 ///
Who are Erika™, Tia™, Kendal™, and Sierra™?
/// 27 July 2009 /// (Updated: 03 August 2009)
The So In Style® section of Barbie®.com has been updated with more information - and it includes hints about some more "mystery dolls".
/// 25 July 2009 ///
Information about a So In Style® doll assortment tied into the Rocawear clothing brand was released...a while ago. The assortment features a male doll and (apparently) a fourth female character.
/// 25 June 2009 ///
Getting all up-in-arms about the So In Style® dolls' hair.
/// 24 June 2009 ///
The So In Style® dolls are starting to show up.
/// 04 March 2009 ///
Mattel announces plans to introduce a new line of all-black Barbie®-style fashion dolls called So In Style®. Although it's being described as a completely new idea, it's unmistakably similar to the Shani® line from the 1990s.
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