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/// 31 January 2010 /// (Updated: 07 February 2010)
An exclusive new doll and bike Barbie® giftset is available at Target stores in the US, although it most likely isn't really an "exclusive".
/// 01 August 2009 ///
Two current Barbie® dolls - Seaworld® Trainer and Pet Vet™ - show up in revised forms with Barbie's old head.
/// 31 July 2009 ///
Target's exclusive Halloween Barbie® doll for 2009 is Pink Halloween® Barbie.
/// 05 July 2009 ///
The really pretty new-head Barbie® doll with the closed-face box that I was looking forward to got produced with the old head instead.
/// 20 June 2009 ///
Barbie®'s old 1998 "Generation Girl™" head returns in the playline.
/// 29 May 2009 ///
More catalog photos showing Barbie®'s new open-mouth head sculpt.
/// 30 April 2009 ///
More pictures and information about the Barbie® and the Three Musketeers dolls and movie (including another picture of Barbie's new open-mouth head sculpt).
/// 08 April 2009 /// (Updated: 23 May 2009)
Really good pictures of what appears to be a new open-mouth head sculpt for Barbie® (and possibly a new look for Summer® as well)!
/// 30 March 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

Barbie® Turns 50, Has Identity Crisis

Signs point to Barbie getting yet another "makeover" for her 50th birthday, but catalog photos of upcoming dolls confuse the issue by showing Barbie® with at least three different head sculpts - one of which appears to be new.
/// 15 March 2009 ///
What's the deal with...

Barbie®'s New Head (Or Heads)

Rounding up information about the new new closed-mouth head sculpt that was supposed to debut on Bathing Suit Barbie® but didn't. Plus, is Barbie getting a new open-mouth head, too?
/// 09 March 2009 ///
Bathing Suit Barbie® really was going to have a new head sculpt.
/// 04 March 2009 ///
A press release seems to verify that the 50th anniversary commemorative doll reported to be debuting a new head sculpt is Bathing Suit Barbie® - despite the fact that she clearly has the existing 1991 "Mackie" head. The press release also reveals that the doll will be sold for one week at the price point of the original 1959 Barbie doll: US$3.
/// 02 March 2009 ///
Day-to-Night™ Barbie® makes her third appearance in the form of 2009's upcoming FAB™ Girl Barbie doll - and the catalog photo of the doll reveals what appear to be two new head sculpts.
/// 25 February 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

Toy Fair 2009: Part Three

Skipper® and Stacie® return, Kelly® is still a gorilla, the Glamour Camper™ and the "glamping" dolls, some mysterious closed-face boxes that are exactly the right size to hold dolls, some more unidentified stuff, and even more about Barbie®'s head.
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