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/// 20 June 2009 ///
Barbie®'s old 1998 "Generation Girl™" head returns in the playline.
/// 30 April 2009 ///
More pictures and information about the Barbie® and the Three Musketeers dolls and movie (including another picture of Barbie's new open-mouth head sculpt).
/// 08 April 2009 /// (Updated: 23 May 2009)
Really good pictures of what appears to be a new open-mouth head sculpt for Barbie® (and possibly a new look for Summer® as well)!
/// 30 March 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

Barbie® Turns 50, Has Identity Crisis

Signs point to Barbie getting yet another "makeover" for her 50th birthday, but catalog photos of upcoming dolls confuse the issue by showing Barbie® with at least three different head sculpts - one of which appears to be new.
/// 14 March 2009 /// (Updated: 29 July 2009)
A roundup of information about the upcoming direct-to-DVD movie Barbie® and the Three Musketeers.
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