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/// 07 August 2009 ///
Pictures of the first Barbie® My Favorites Mini B™ Giftset.
/// 31 July 2009 ///
I saw an exclusive Then & Now™ Bathing Suit Barbie® giftset at Target.
/// 17 July 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

Barbie Collector®: Repros Galore & More

Info about some upcoming Barbie Collector™ dolls, including a bunch of new reproductions. Plus, the Barbie Mini B.™ My Favorite Barbie Doll™ giftset!
/// 18 March 2009 ///
It's a bloody mystery...

Who Is Quintessential Barbie®?

Who is the mysterious "Quintessential Barbie®" doll shown in promo pictures?
/// 09 March 2009 ///
A OOAK thing I made

Happy Birthday, Barbie®!

Pictures of a basic swimsuit doll I made inspired by the original "zebra stripe swimsuit" doll from 1959.
/// 25 February 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

Toy Fair 2009: Part Three

Skipper® and Stacie® return, Kelly® is still a gorilla, the Glamour Camper™ and the "glamping" dolls, some mysterious closed-face boxes that are exactly the right size to hold dolls, some more unidentified stuff, and even more about Barbie®'s head.
/// 14 February 2009 ///
It's a bloody mystery...

The Mysterious Bathing Suit Doll

A mysterious description of an updated version of the original Barbie® doll shows up in promotional materials for Barbie's 50th anniversary.
Doll Diary