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/// 31 January 2010 /// (Updated: 07 February 2010)
An exclusive new doll and bike Barbie® giftset is available at Target stores in the US, although it most likely isn't really an "exclusive".
/// 12 May 2009 ///
Target's new Beach Party™ Barbie® and Teresa™ giftset is actually a refreshed version of their Surf's Up™ giftset from last year. Plus, there's a refreshed Beach Party version of the Surf's Up Color Change Diver™ as well.
/// 29 April 2009 ///
I got yer variations right here...

Variations Galore (Thanks to the Vintage Logo)

The vintage Barbie® logo returns, bringing a ton of packaging variations with it.
/// 12 February 2009 ///
It looks like I was wrong about the Beach Party™ Barbie® dolls with the pretty curls.
/// 09 February 2009 ///
I got yer variations right here...

Beach Party™ Barbie® - Again with the Variations

It's variations galore as Beach Party™ Barbie® shows up in three different versions right out of the gate.
/// 07 October 2008 /// (Updated: 01 February 2009)
A taste of things to come....

New Dolls for 2009

Advance pictures of some dolls that will be available in 2009.
Doll Diary