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/// 31 July 2009 ///
I saw an exclusive Then & Now™ Bathing Suit Barbie® giftset at Target.
/// 13 April 2009 ///
I got yer variations right here...

Bathing Suit Barbie® Times Two

Bathing Suit Barbie® was made in two countries (China and Indonesia), and the two versions are a bit different. Plus, Barbie gets her eye poked out, and there's a mysterious illustration on the box.
/// 15 March 2009 ///
What's the deal with...

Barbie®'s New Head (Or Heads)

Rounding up information about the new new closed-mouth head sculpt that was supposed to debut on Bathing Suit Barbie® but didn't. Plus, is Barbie getting a new open-mouth head, too?
/// 04 March 2009 ///
A press release seems to verify that the 50th anniversary commemorative doll reported to be debuting a new head sculpt is Bathing Suit Barbie® - despite the fact that she clearly has the existing 1991 "Mackie" head. The press release also reveals that the doll will be sold for one week at the price point of the original 1959 Barbie doll: US$3.
/// 14 February 2009 ///
It's a bloody mystery...

The Mysterious Bathing Suit Doll

A mysterious description of an updated version of the original Barbie® doll shows up in promotional materials for Barbie's 50th anniversary.
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