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/// 31 January 2010 /// (Updated: 07 February 2010)
An exclusive new doll and bike Barbie® giftset is available at Target stores in the US, although it most likely isn't really an "exclusive".
/// 30 October 2009 ///
I saw her last night!
/// 24 September 2009 ///
Entertainment Earth put up pictures of the rest of the dolls in the Barbie® in a Mermaid Tale™ beach assortment, including - yes - two Barbie® dolls and no Summer®. Also, I was right - Teresa® and Nikki® (or is it really Grace®?) have changed to new heads.
/// 31 July 2009 ///
Taking a cue from Barbie® (okay, probably not), Tyler Wentworth® celebrates her 10th anniversary by switching back to her old head sculpt.
/// 31 January 2009 ///
I got yer variations right here...

Ballerina Barbie® 2008 - Theme and Variations

The 2008 basic blond Ballerina Barbie® doll is a varitable schmorgesbord of variations.
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