/// 19 January 2007 ///
Even though most of the new dolls for 2007 are using new head sculpts, the "ethinc" basic Ballerinas use old ones. Also, interesting stuff about their shoes, and some leg problems.
/// 23 January 2007 ///
My Ballerina Barbie® doll's leg fell off.
/// 16 July 2007 ///
The new Summer® dolls for 2007 have an even larger version of the Lara™ sculpt than the one that was being used before.
/// 08 January 2008 ///
A catalog photo shows Day 2 Nite™ Nikki® with Teresa®'s head.
/// 31 January 2009 ///
I got yer variations right here...

Ballerina Barbie® 2008 - Theme and Variations

The 2008 basic blond Ballerina Barbie® doll is a varitable schmorgesbord of variations.
/// 07 October 2008 /// (Updated: 01 February 2009)
A taste of things to come....

New Dolls for 2009

Advance pictures of some dolls that will be available in 2009.
/// 09 February 2009 ///
I got yer variations right here...

Beach Party™ Barbie® - Again with the Variations

It's variations galore as Beach Party™ Barbie® shows up in three different versions right out of the gate.
/// 11 February 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

Sneak Peak of Barbie® 2009

Dolls Magazine publishes pictures of some upcoming dolls from the 2009 Barbie® playline, including new versions of Barbie's sisters Skipper® and Stacie®... and a Barbie doll with a familiar face. Also, new My Scene™ dolls continue to show up outside the US, and the line includes new versions of River™ and Hudson™.
/// 12 February 2009 ///
It looks like I was wrong about the Beach Party™ Barbie® dolls with the pretty curls.
/// 12 February 2009 ///
The wave of nostalgia continues as the original Barbie® logo from the 60's returns on playline Barbie packaging.
/// 14 February 2009 ///
It's a bloody mystery...

The Mysterious Bathing Suit Doll

A mysterious description of an updated version of the original Barbie® doll shows up in promotional materials for Barbie's 50th anniversary.
/// 14 February 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

More Upcoming Stuff

Information about two more things from the 2009 Barbie® line - the Bye Bye Bad Hair™ Detangler Kit and the Barbie® FAB Girl™ doll.
/// 15 February 2009 ///
Toy Fair 2009 starts today! This page collects all the entries posted about it.
/// 17 February 2009 ///
Barbie® and the Three Musketeers and a little bit about Barbie's head.
/// 19 February 2009 ///
A taste of things to come....

Toy Fair 2009: Part Two

Barbie® Styled by Me™ goes online, "Barbie" is officially a noun, the Bye Bye Bad Hair™ Detangler Kit in action (I guess), FAB Girl™ Barbie, the I Can Be™... line, some box variation shenanigans, and a little more about Barbie's head(s).
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